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70m2 - 2 bedrooms - 1 bathrooms

Passatge Parcerisas, San…

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127m2 - 3 bedrooms - 3 bathrooms

Carrer de Montserrat, Pr…

House photo

236m2 - 4 bedrooms - 3 bathrooms - 3 Building floors

Passeig d'Antoni Borrell…

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146m2 - 3 bedrooms - 3 bathrooms - 2 Building floors

Carrer dels Baladres, Al…

Highlighted properties for sale

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90m2 - 2 bedrooms - 1 bathrooms - 2 Building floors

Carrer de la Cisa, Premi…


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    Unique and cozy homes in an exclusive destination

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    At Destí Maresme we offer trust and proximity. Are you thinking of selling your apartment? Are you looking for a special home for you? Destí Maresme helps you throughout the process of searching for your new residence and / or selling your property.

    We also offer a comprehensive service: you will have the support of our team of experts in the legal, urban and financial area who can help you solve any problem or advise you before making any decision.

    At Destí Maresme we attach great importance to after-sales service, one of the most neglected in the sector, we offer support to the owner and buyer until all possible operations are closed, even once the property has been signed.

    At Destí Maresme we care about making the client feel accompanied at all times, taking care of the forms and the substance, making their management a unique experience.

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